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Share best practices, strategies, and insights that have proven successful in nurturing investor relationships and generating additional value for your host economy.

Here are some areas we’re particularly interested in:

  1. Success stories:  Do you have an innovative growth project you were able to secure for your region? What was the key factor for that success?
  2. Aftercare programmes: Have you designed or delivered a new aftercare programme that resulted in high take-up from established investors or in further activities led by investors?
  3. Sustainable investment: How are you working with established investors to drive the green agenda in your host economy? We are particularly interested in areas such as the circular economy, the use of resources and carbon neutrality.
  4. Responsible business conduct: Can you think of examples of responsible business conduct where foreign investors lead the way?
  5. Investor contribution: Are there any foreign investors who go beyond business as usual and become a beacon of local growth? What are they doing differently?
  6. Collaborating with partners: Is there any case where you were able to create new and additional FDI value, beyond jobs, capex, and linkages, when working across the ecosystem to support the investor?
  7. Removing blockages to growth: Can you think of a juicy story where you were able to address blockages that once resolved catapulted growth?
  8. Compliance and regulatory assistance: What best practices do you follow to support investors with changes in compliance, tax implications, and legal requirements in your respective regions?
  9. Investment climate: How do you drive ongoing improvement of local competitiveness? Do you have a nice aftercare story that ignited this?
  10. Continuous improvement: How do you gather feedback from investors and utilise it to enhance your aftercare processes and overall investor experience?

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