After the success of the first edition in Paris

Join us in
Florence - May 29th & 30th 2024

Call for Aftercare Best Practices

Feature your sucess stories in Florence

Share best practices, strategies, and insights that have proven successful in nurturing investor relationships and generating additional value for your host economy.

Best cases will be invited to present their work at the Forum.

Join us in Florence to Mamixize The value established investors bring to your local economy

Hosted in Florence on May 29th-30th 2024 alongside Invest in Tuscany, our 2-day event brings together Aftercare experts, policy-makers, practitioners and senior executives to strengthen post-investment support worldwide.

Why Aftercare?

With the pandemic driving post-investment to new heights, Aftercare offers a robust roadmap to foster public-private collaboration and co-creation with the foreign investor as centre-stage actor to drive further growth.

7 Reasons to join the
Florence Forum

1. The Global Aftercare Masterclass

A not to be missed training day, this masterclass provides the skillsets, mindsets, and ‘action-sets’ to excel in Aftercare and learn frameworks used by leading practitioners.

2. Unpacking the Future

Experts discuss how 3 macro business trends shape investment and Aftercare in particular.

3. The Aftercare Exchange

Designed to grow an Aftercare knowledge community, the Exchange gives a voice to seasoned practitioners to share

4. Get to know Tuscany

Hosted by our Partner Invest in Tuscany we will have a unique opportunity see Tuscany’s unique post-investment support initiatives in action.

5. Online Session

BONUS 1: Get lingering questions answered and solidify your newly acquired skills in a post Forum exclusive attendee-only webinar.

6. Mentoring

BONUS 2: Participating IPAs will be eligible for an exclusive 2024 online Aftercare mentoring session to discuss their local Aftercare challenges.

7. Aftercare Book

BONUS 3: Receive the “Investment Aftercare Explained” book in print or e-version.

Who should attend

Who should attend

  • International Promotion Agencies (IPAs), Economic Development Organizations (EDOs), and other public or private organisations responsible for attracting and growing foreign investment
  • Established Aftercare professionals keen to refresh their post-investment perspectives and learn the latest on the industry.
  • Teams with client-facing roles in FDI looking to gain a bigger picture of the function from a global perspective.
  • IPA Professionals working in other areas looking to better understand the importance of Aftercare as a strategic function of an IPA’s mandate.
  • Aftercare Coordinators who run or look to set up one-person units with a role to drive the function across the organisation.
  • Newcomers to the area of post-investment and IPAs looking to set up Aftercare Units.
  • EDOs that have recently prioritized post-investment or have been through restructuring and need to re-organize their work.
  • Central and local government officials and policymakers with a role in the public mandate of FDI attraction, growth, and retention.
  • Budget holders keen to understand the use of public funds and the return on investment on the use of tax-payers money.
  • Researchers, academics, and think tanks keen to learn better grasp this emerging research field.

How participants benefit

  • Connect with Aftercare peers worldwide to exchange insights and share Aftercare stories.
  • Learn firsthand what works and what does not.
  • Discover innovative models bringing Aftercare closer to your stakeholders.
  • Gain a holistic view of Aftercare, beyond linkages to effective drivers of economic development.
  • Acquire new skills to advance your local Aftercare impact.
  • Influence global thinking on optimizing Aftercare.

Why Florence and Tuscany?

We selected Florence, the capital city of Tuscany, to host the 2024 conference after a competitive applicant process. Tuscany presents a compelling investment destination, renowned for diverse industries spanning from fashion to agribusiness, ICT, life sciences, tourism, yacht building, smart manufacturing, transport & mobility and more.

As the cradle of the Renaissance, a population of 3.7 million, a GDP per capita of 30,749 euros, a flourishing economy and strong commitment to innovation, Tuscany is ideally placed to host the 2024 Aftercare Forum.

See you in Florence! Ci vediamo a Firenze!